Distinguishing Between Naughtiness And Delinquent Behavior

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Look, if your small child was never, ever naughty and was always as quiet as a mouse, then might be the time to be concerned. It is generally accepted that naughtiness is part and parcel of the young child’s growth and development. Of course, reigning in the child’s behavior, within legal and moral reason, is a general rule of thumb of good parenting. But having to deal with delinquent behavior might best, in the interim or ultimatum, be left to professional and clinical behavioral health services in brookline, ma.

Delinquent behavior concerns behavioral patterns that could ultimately lead to the child doing harm to itself. If the child is older, such behavioral patterns could lead to the child doing harm to others. A preoccupation with playing with matches and lighting fires could have led to a serious case of arson, but what if there was no deliberate intent on the part of the child other than to satisfy its curiosity. And what if a concerned parent caught his child out trying out his older daughter’s dresses for size in her bedroom.

This could go two ways. The male child, at that developmental age, is merely acting out his curiosity. What it must be like, feel like, to be a woman, like my mommy or my older sister. Or, quite possibly, even though such cases will still be rare, statistically speaking, this child could be manifesting early signs of what is known as gender dysphoria. To explain, this is a child who is utterly uncomfortable with the physical nature it was assigned at birth. It is a male body but its gender reality is female. It is only through qualified psychological therapy that this perceived anomaly of being trapped in a body that is not yours can be addressed.